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Welcome to the seventh week of the Summer/Fall Semester 2023, Adults/Youth Sindhi Language Class on Sunday the 17th Sept, 2023. The class will be held from 1.30 pm PST, for one hour, followed by (optional) Q/A session till 3.00 pm….please log in 10 minutes before time to avoid delay in starting.

Class Instructions : Last six weeks the class has learned Romanized Sindhi using Audio visual of Alphabet table and vowels table, genders based vowels, Relations, plurals and Personal Pronouns from Lesson 1, 1A, 2A, 3 along with first three Basic Rules of Sindhi Language, completed the Homework – 1 and started Homework – 2 sheet, introduction to half vowels, Lesson 17 Essence Of Gita, numbers 1-71  all have practised speaking in Sindhi about food and their activities of the week. 

We will continue to complete Lesson – 3 Pronouns Third person from Book Learn Sindhi-3 for then a new Lesson – 13 Good Health care, numbers 1-100 then continue more sentences from Homework – 2 Sindhi Conversation, …. learn to share/speak about activities of the week in Sindhi … Q/A as required. 

Introduction : Learn to write in the Romanized script from the keyboard of your laptop or smartphone.   The basic outline is based on the web site and advanced learning per our book “Learn Sindhi-3” of Sindhu Academy USA released at the International Sindhi Sammelan in Nov 2022.   The focus of the class will be on learning spoken Sindhi. 


Lessons are issued each week along with Worksheets to enhance learning and speaking skills.

Please make prints of the all attached Lessons/pictures and keep handy in a folder for review during the class and subsequent reference.

  1. Map of Sindh, Romanized Sindhi Alphabet picture table and the Numbers counting table from Book-2. 
  2. Introduction of Sindhi –  Basic Rules
  3. Homework – 1
  4. Sindhi Vowels, Pictorial Table
  5. Lessons 1A
  6. Lesson 2A
  7. Lesson – 3 Pronouns
  8. Homework – 2 Sindhi Suj~aarapa (Conversation)
  9. Lesson – 17 Essence of Gita
  10. Lesson -13 Good Health care

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Ghan~ee maharbaanee

Looking forward to seeing you all in the class. 

Warm regards.


Kamal Mirchandani

SindhuAcademy USA

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Jai Jhoole Laal