- Annual Membership - Life members (individual or husband and wife)


We Welcome and encourage all our Hindu Sindhi brothers and sisters who are 18 yrs or above to become a member and help attain the objectives of our mission.


Annual Membership $20
Lifetime Membership $200


Annual Membership

  • All Hindu Sindhis residing anywhere in & around Chicago, IL by payment of the annual fee can become regular members of the association.
  • Annual Members shall have the right to vote, nominate candidates and be eligible to hold any office of the association.
  • Membership in this category will be valid for 12 months.

Life Membership

  • All members residing anywhere in & around Chicago, IL by payment of the life membership fee can become life members of the Association.
  • Life Members shall have the same privileges as enjoyed by Annual members.

Inactive Membership

  • Any member except an life member who ceases to pay annual membership fee shall be considered as an inactive member.
  • An inactive member will loose all the rights and privileges of membership.
  • An inactive member may continue to receive emails from SAMC but will have to pay non-member rates for event.