Executive Committee
Members & Volunteers


Vikas Kalwani

20+ years in the IT & Healthcare Industry. Entrepreneur by nature, currently managing IT, Healthcare & Corporate real estate businesses. Always interested in new business ventures & innovative ideas. Love to spend time with family & friends.


Ramya Jhaveri
Vice President

IT sales executive specializing in Cloud, Internet of things and offshoring. Likes finance, economics, and geopolitics. If I'm not chaperoning my daughters around would love to unwind by reading a book. Sindhi(mom's side) in me is that I love to eat and drink and like a true Sindhi would want to explore the globe. Since I spent most of my formative years with my Mom's mother I would be fascinated with the stories she told me about Sindh and partition. Since my father is Gujarati I have one habit of putting sugar and Chivda in everything 🙂


Sanjay Wadhwani

Sanjay is a CPA and commercial real estate broker.Sanjay enjoys reading, practicing Sindhi and spending time with his pet.


Sunil Malkani
Joint Secretary



Prakash Chatwani
Public Relation Office

Results Driven, IT Leader & Good Organizer. Over 20 years of experience in Management and IT Consulting. Passionate about working with People and Technology. Loves family, friends and travelling to new places.


Mahesh Jotwani

A Committed hard working Team player, Detail oriented Engineer, retired after 35 years Of Professional experience with a single Firm, Good with Numbers. Loving Grandpa, loves to be around to 4 grandkids, play Sindhi Pataa (Cards), Watch Sports, Travel & Eating Out. Migrated from Sindhi with parents when I was one month old. Grew up in North India. Always ready to help SAMC in every way possible.


Kamal Chandnani

People Person, Experience in Healthcare, IT, and Manufacturing industry. Love to learn new things. In free time like to fish and watch sports.

Subhash Balaney
Joint Treasurer

I am an anesthesiologist working in northern suburbs of Chicago. I love electronic gadgets and like to play around with technology. Like Hindi poetry and jokes.


Rajesh Chawla
Web Administrator

IT Professional. Always ready to help. Love to spend time with family and friends.


Ajay Manglani
Youth Coordinator


Gita Rupani
Program Coordinator

Anesthesiologist , sub specialized in pain management. Love mingling with all children and friends. Crazy about all Sindhi rituals, folk music, dance that I grew up practicing with family. Love Sindhi association and all Chicago Sindhi families that I know and would love to know those that I haven't met yet. Love everything about Sindhiyat.

Vinita Gulabani
Program Coordinator


Monika Bahroos
Program Coordinator

A mother by trade, a photographer by passion, a foodie by nature and Sindhi at heart. Analog at birth, digital by design, technology and education is where I spend my time. Born in Africa, grew up Canada, married to an All-star member of the Eh-team! When I grow up I'd like to be like my children - young, wild and free...

Nand Belani

Neil Bahroos

Haresh Harpalani